Vinyasa yoga in Trondheim

Come and take a deep breath away from the pressure of everyday life. 

It is my pleasure to be back in Trondheim. I am opening 2 weekly classes in Sorgenfriveien 9 studio.

My classes are both for beginners and advanced yogis, offering modifications to all levels.

First we focus on building up the life force energy with pranayama. Then we continue with asanas to connect to our body, learn to feel and understand what we truly need. This era leads us to be most of the time in our head, disconnected from our body. It is time to earn back what is ours. Find the balance between mind and the heart, so that they work together, not against each other. Asanas aim on diferent parts of the body and transform conditions of our organs, muscles, fascia and connective tissues. That all is interconnected with our moods, emotions and overall state of mind. By transforming our body, we transform our life. In the end we take time to integrate it all through mindful relaxation, such as yoga Nidra or deep relaxation.

Join us on a journey to discover your inner sunshine. Make a positive change for your body, mind and spirit.


Wednesday 17:30 / 19:00 – 150 NOK

Friday 7:15 – 8:15 / 125 NOK


800 NOK per month (8 classes)

*Only in cash


We will practice inside in the studio.

Address: Sorgenfriveien 9, Trondheim


For free on the spots around the building.

More details:

Yoga mats are available in the studio, but you can bring your own if you have one.

Please bring a hoodie or something warm to put on in case you are cold.

If you have any questions I am always available to answer on facebook, instagram or leave a message below.

I am looking forward. See you on the mat.



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