Story about yoga in another way

Yoga is definitely teeming in this new age society. It became a trend of the certain physical and spiritual practice.

On one hand we can be grateful to have the opportunity to practice yoga in our country. On the other hand it is the same as with anything that is becoming or has already became mainstream.

What we see on the internet, facebook, instagram, e-shop or yoga studios is perfectly designed to attract customers and profit from them. It is not yoga in the proper sense of the word.

Imagine it as if you would shatter a glass vase into pieces. We got used to diversify one thing as well as we diversify almost everything in our lives. Then we choose what to do, what is our ego willing to focus on and open up for.

In yoga for instance, we have divided physical exercise from meditation. And then divided physical exercise into many shattered pieces. Choosing whether this or that kind of practice is more or less suitable for us. Very often not according to that deep voice inside of our heart, but according to our ego that sees things only as how they appear on the surface. We do that with yoga the same as we do that with other decision in our lives unless we look for that deeper journey inside of ourselves that often leads us towards our greatest fears and real challenges. In other words to the darkness before the light.   

Thats how it is, the natural evolution of any trend. We can be part of it, enjoy it, contribute, have our own yoga business, buy clothes or post pictures online…. but it is important to perceive that the diversification is happening and ideally look for that inner essence and purpose as an honor to the great teaching.

The purpose of that vase existing shattered and solid in parallel, meaning that yoga can be perceived existing as either shattered into pieces, solid or both in the same time. And the way the individual is able to perceive it is proportional to how many pieces he glued together. And how many little waste particles of something else than glass pieces he had recognized and throw out in the garbage. In other words how many different experiences and broken habits we have made. And, where on our journey we are. 

During my travels I have met a good few people, who fall for some certain philosophy or practice (yoga, buddhism, religion, couching, other spiritual practice or stream), and the more they knew the more confused they have been. They have lost themselves in their own conviction.

I was one of them, more than once. And it is part of the journey, I guess.

But, to be able to doubt, about ourselves and the world. To accept the transience of any philosophy, which doesn’t come from own experience and inner awareness. And even after the own awareness and experience, be willing to accept the individual uniqueness and approach everyone with this kind of respect.

The way I see it, this is the key ability that we are learning throughout our lifetime and that is bringing all people close to each other.

My intention of this article is to share the sense of what is the main aim and effect of yoga for me.

I could write about all of the great benefits of yoga and meditation, that indeed are incredible. But in that case this article would not encourage you to step forward for your own experience and I would only tempt you with scientific evidence.  After all you can visit my yoga page and read certain basics which serve the purpose of approaching yoga from more usual perspective. (HERE).

I perceive yoga truly as the complex way of living. It is a journey. Complete philosophy of living that leads to enlightenment.  It is the journey of questions and answers, mistakes and learned lessons, ups and downs and huge transformation.  The way to quieten the mind that allows us to live fully on mental, physical and spiritual level. Yoga is life.

“When we truly practice yoga, we practice from the inside.”

Monks all over the world are practicing and had practiced yoga asanas to be able to hold the padmasana (lotus siting position) during meditation as long as possible. The aim of physical practice was the ability to gain the control over the body and to handle meditation physically. They knew that by gaining control over the body they gain control over their mind and life itself.

In general the main aim of practicing yoga should be understanding and progress. The understanding of how our body, mind, our world works. And through that gradually develop towards the pure, light being. Or in other words towards being free from karma.

Now  I can only encourage you to find your own meaning of yoga deep down in the presence of pure consciousness. And also maybe get yourself a little hammer, glue and tweezers. And don’t be afraid to break, sort out and glue together whatever you come across on the way…

Yoga is the process. It starts somewhere in a certain time and most likely won’t end in this life…


Hari Om


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